Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skive, or Wasting Time

As mentioned a while back, one of my poems came out in November in Skive Magazine, their final, farewell issue. The theme of the issue is "farewells" and my poem in it is called "amen; the faithful and the true."

Here is a link to where you can get the issue.

"skive" as it turns out, means "to avoid work or duty by staying away or leaving early." So that feels pretty fitting; I've done a lot of staying away AND leaving early.

Another poem of mine has been accepted. This seems to be kind of a slow burn in terms of when it comes out, and given my history, there's always a small chance the outfit will fold between now and when they send the check.

I lost a haiku contest.
Less said

The writing continues to come back, bad haikus aside. Care and feeding are important.